The Collision Repair Process

A collision is an inconvenience and can be stressful. When you choose the services of Scottsdale Premier Collision for your auto body and paint repairs, the process can be as simple as calling us with your claim number, or filling out our online estimate form. From this point, we will write a estimate, contact your insurance company and reach an agreed repair price. We will pre-order all parts if your vehicle is drivable. All you need to do is bring your vehicle in for repairs and you are finished. We will handle all paperwork and take care of the insurance company. Your vehicle will be returned to you in pre-accident condition, or better. At Scottsdale Premier Collision, we believe the greatest sign of a great repair, is to not see anything at all.

Step 1: Preparation

The Estimate: Your vehicle is inspected. If your vehicle cannot be driven, we can arrange for a rental vehicle.

Insurance Approval: The insurance company will review the estimate. We negotiate with the insurance company about the price and procedure used to repair the vehicle as well as the parts to be used. This is also when the insurance company determines whether the car is repairable or a total loss. Once this process is completed, we can begin repairing the vehicle.

Disassembly: When a vehicle is disassembled, sometimes hidden damage is found and inner structure repairs can be assessed. Sometimes, this will require scheduling insurance re-inspection and ordering additional parts.

Gather Parts: We order parts as soon in the process as possible. The repair process cannot begin until we have received all of the structural parts.

Step 2: Body and Structure Repairs

Structure Repair: This is when the uni-body is returned to factory specifications. A sophisticated measuring system is used to monitor all phases of this process. A computer-based measurement system is used to analyze the frame of your vehicle. This system ensures an accurate repair.

Body Repair: Exterior panels are repaired or replaced. Parts are tested for fit and all metal finishing preparations are made that may be required. The vehicle begins to come back to life as sheet metal is installed and aligned.

Step 3: Restoring Painted Surfaces

Paint: The key to this step is preparation. The panels to be painted will be prepped, primed and sealed to ensure good paint adhesion. Proper color and clear coat is applied in our paint booth. This state-of-the-art paint booth makes sure that the paint is applied in an environment free of dust and baked at the optimal temperature.

Step 4: Reassembly

Reassembly: Final moldings and detail pieces are put back on the vehicle in the reassembly area. All of the vehicle’s mechanical and electrical systems are checked during this process, including suspension alignment and air conditioning.

Step 5: Final Inspection and Detailing

Detailing: Our professional detailers go through your vehicle to clean and prepare it for deliver. Your vehicle is then road-tested and inspected to make sure that the repairs meet or exceed industry standards.

Delivery: We call you and schedule a time to deliver the vehicle to you. We have a covered and well-lighted delivery area, so that you can inspect your vehicle and take delivery of your car in any weather. We will go over the final paperwork with you, take your rental car return, and then you can drive off in your clean and fully-repaired vehicle.

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